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mr. dr. A.J. (Antoinette) Muntjewerff

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    Oudemanhuispoort 4-6  Amsterdam
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 My research is on Legal Expertise and the Acquisition of Legal Expert Performance.


My research interests are on thinking, reasoning and planning that mediate legal problem solving, learning and skilled performance. The focus is on the structure and acquisition of legal expert performance.


My research focus is on the conceptual analysis of the basic (or core) tasks in law (legislative design and legal assessment) to construct models that can be used in legal research and legal practice.


My research includes disciplines as legal (computational) theory, legal methodology, legal knowledge acquisition, cognitive science, learning & instruction and instructional technology.


My research aim is to gain insight into what legal practitioners and legal scientists are doing by modelling legal tasks and legal knowledge.

These models are used for fault detection, for automation, for instruction, for theory formation and for theory testing


PROSA interface constructie van een juridische oplossing

Interface CASE omgeving voor het structureren en analyseren van rechterlijke uitspraken

e-See vaststellen van feiten in juridisch probleemoplossen


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Scientific position

  • Muntjewerff, A.J. (member) (2010-2014): PSDRproject (External organisation).
  • Muntjewerff, A.J. (member) (2010-2015): TOJET, (External organisation).


  • Muntjewerff, Antoinette (examiner) (8-12-2016): Aligning Law and Action a Conceptual and Computational Inquiry (examination).

Keynote / Invited lecture

  • Muntjewerff, Antoinette (speaker) (18-2-2016): TimeLiner Instructieomgeving voor het Maken van Tijdlijnen Europese Codificatiegeschiedenis, ICT UvA Grassroots.
  • Muntjewerff, Antoinette (speaker) (2-2-2016): Fundamental Rights and the Rule of Law. Rule of Law as Argument for Interference, PSC colloquium, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam.
  • Muntjewerff, Antoinette (speaker) (21-6-2016): Data Analysis as Method to study the Relation between Fundamental Rights and the Rule of Law, CELSE 2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Muntjewerff, Antoinette (speaker) (5-7-2016): Optimizing Public Governance. Requirements for Handling Complex Societal Problems, European Operation Research, Poznan, Poland.

Journal editor

  • Muntjewerff, Antoinette (reviewer) (2016-2017): Electronic Journal of e-Learning (Journal).
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