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Dr H.A. (Hadassa) Noorda

  • Faculty of Law
    Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
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    Nieuwe Achtergracht 166  
  • Postal address:
    Postbus  15578
    1001 NB  Amsterdam

Hadassa Noorda studied Law and Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam and Columbia University. She is on the Editorial Board of the Netherlands Journal of Legal PhilosophyAs part of her PhD project, she was a visiting researcher at Georgetown University (2012), UC Berkeley Law (2014), and the European University Institute (2014).

In 2015 - 2016, Hadassa was the Dworkin Balzan Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Law and Philosophy at NYU.  

Hadassa works in the area of philosophy of law and, primarily, philosophy of criminal law and of the laws of war. Her work has been published in international refereed journals, including Criminal Law and Philosophy


PhD (Philosophy of Law - University of Amsterdam)

MA (Philosophy - University of Amsterdam)

LLM (International Criminal Law - Columbia University, University of Amsterdam)

LLB  cum honore (University of Amsterdam)

BA (Philosophy - University of Amsterdam) 


MA Philosophy - Leiden University

Human Rights Philosophy (10 EC) (Primary instructor)

Just War Theory (10 EC) (Primary instructor)

BA Philosophy - Leiden University

Bachelor thesis supervision 

From de jure belli ac pacis to contemporary debates about war (Van de iure belli ac pacis tot hedendaagse debatten over oorlog) (10 EC) (Primary instructor)

BA Philosophy - University of Amsterdam

Social and Political Philosophy (Sociale en Politieke Filosofie)

BA Law - University of Amsterdam

General Introduction to Law (Inleiding in de Rechtswetenschap)

Critical Introduction to Law

Bachelor thesis supervision 


  • Noorda, H. (2015). Preventive Deprivations of Liberty: Asset Freezes and Travel Bans. Criminal Law and Philosophy, 9(3), 521-535. DOI: 10.1007/s11572-014-9303-8 [details]


  • Noorda, H. A. (2013). The Principle of Sovereign Equality with respect to Wars with Non-State Actors. Philosophia, 41(2), 337-347. DOI: 10.1007/s11406-013-9435-4 [details]



  • Noorda, H. A. (2012). [Review of: A. Al-Dawoody (2011) The Islamic law of war: justifications and regulations]. Journal of Military Ethics, 11(1), 67-69. DOI: 10.1080/15027570.2012.674243 [details]


  • Noorda, H. (2011). [Review of: N. Lubell (2010) Extraterritorial use of force against non-state actors]. Journal of conflict & security law, 16(1), 207-212. DOI: 10.1093/jcsl/krr002 [details]


  • Noorda, H., (2010). Case note: SCSL (Appeals Chamber) (Sesay: decision on appeal against refusal of bail: case no. SCSL04-15-AR65), Dec 14, 2004. (Annotated Leading Cases of International Criminal Tribunals; Vol. 2010, No. 21). [details]


  • Noorda, H. A. (2016). Thinking war in the 21st century: Introducing non-state actors in Just war theory [details / files]
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