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dr. B. (Bas) Schotel LLM

  • Faculty of Law
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    REC A
    Nieuwe Achtergracht 166  
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    Postbus  1030
    1000 BA  Amsterdam
    T: 0205253470


  • Schotel, B. (2016). Multiple Legalities and International Criminal Tribunals: juridical versus political legality. In N. M. Rajkovic, T. E. Aalberts, & T. Gammeltoft-Hansen (Eds.), The Power of Legality: Practices of International Law and their Politics (pp. 209-232). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. DOI: 10.1017/CBO9781316535134.009  [details] 


  • Schotel, B. (2013). From individual to migration flow: the European Union’s management approach and the rule of law. In M. Geiger, & A. Pécoud (Eds.), Disciplining the transnational mobility of people (pp. 63-82). (International political economy series). Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan. DOI: 10.1057/9781137263070.0007  [details] 
  • Schotel, B. (2013). Legislation, Empirical Research and Juridical Law. The Theory and Practice of Legislation, 1(3), 501-532. DOI: 10.5235/2050-8840.1.3.501  [details] 


  • Schotel, B. (2012). On the right of exclusion: law, ethics and immigration policy. London: Routledge. [details] 


  • Schotel, B. (2011). Doing justice to the political: the International Criminal Court in Uganda and Sudan: a reply to Sarah Nouwen and Wouter Werner. European Journal of International Law, 22(4), 1153-1160. DOI: 10.1093/ejil/chr080  [details] 
  • Schotel, B. (2011). Inclusion for the sake of exclusion: the legal authority of immigration laws. In J. P. Burgess, & S. Gutwirth (Eds.), A threat against Europe? Security, migration and integration (pp. 153-169). (IES publication series; No. 19). Brussels: VUB Press. [details] 


  • Schotel, B. (2009). Defending our legal practices: a legal critique of Giorgio Agamben’s 'State of exception'. Amsterdam Law Forum, 1, 113-125. [details] 


  • Schotel, B. (2009). Making political philosophy practical again: a tribute to Veit Bader. In H. van den Berg, E. Engelen, & Y. Jansen (Eds.), Het gelaagde denken: essays voor Veit Bader (pp. 151-160). Amsterdam: F&N Eigen Beheer. [details] 

Talk / presentation

  • Schotel, B. (invited speaker) (14-12-2016). The Interactions between Criminal Law and Administrative Law Regimes, ACTIONES Workshop on the EU Charter and Criminal Law , Uppsala, Sweden.
  • Schotel, B. (speaker) (21-10-2016). Asymmetric criminalisation of migration law 2.0, Financial Crimes and Global Security Governance.
  • Schotel, B. (speaker) (15-7-2016). Asylum as a Negative Duty, International Association for the Study of Forced Migration, Poznan.
  • Schotel, B. (speaker) (18-6-2016). Refugee Protection beyond Human Rights, ICON Berlin.
  • Schotel, B. (invited speaker) (19-5-2016). Asylum as a Negative Duty, VU Centre for European Studies.
  • Schotel, B. (invited speaker) (10-5-2016). Potentia and Public Law, Institute for Advanced Studies, Hebrew University.
  • Schotel, B. (invited speaker) (7-4-2016). On the Right of Exclusion and Refugees, Jagiellonian University Faculty of Law.
  • Schotel, B. (invited speaker) (6-4-2016). On the Right of Exclusion, Wroclaw University Faculty of Law .
  • Schotel, B. (invited speaker) (5-4-2016). Protection of Refugees through Competition over Jurisdiction, Wroclaw University Faculty of Law .
  • Schotel, B. (invited speaker) (4-4-2016). Round table discussion: Asylum seekers in the EU: Demographic danger or ethical duty, Wroclaw University Faculty of Law .


  • Schotel, B. (organiser) & Janssen, G. H. (organiser) (30-9-2016). Protection of Religious Refugees in Past and Present, Amsterdam, Netherlands (organising a conference, workshop, ...).


  • Schotel, B. (2008). Protecting the Alien’s Interest in Immigration. Arguments from law and political theory
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