The Paul Scholten Centre for Jurisprudence

Research programme

The Paul Scholten Centre for Jurisprudence (PSC) is a centre that combines research in the fields of legal theory, legal philosophy, sociology of law, and legal history.



Our research revolves around the themes as formulated in our programme entitled The Rule of Law at the Limits. We analyse the concept of the rule of law from a multidisciplinary perspective. our main research questions are:

  • How should the concept of the rule of law be defined and what are its main normative requirements?
  • How can the rule of law be effectively implemented in practice and what are the conditions for its successful implementation?
  • To what extent are traditional understandings of the rule of law challenged by contemporary developments such as globalization, instrumental approaches to law, and the development of alternative mechanisms for dispute resolution and rule-enforcement?
  • How can the normative requirements implied by the rule of law as well as the practical requirements necessary for its realization be rearticulated in light of these challenges?

In January 2017, the Paul Scholten Centre partly merged into a faculty-wide research priority area (RPA) with a joint research programme ‘Law and justice across borders’. 

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1 August 2018